Wok to Walk Promo Code for $2 Off

Wok to Walk specializes in Asian food and wok cooking. This terribly-named company is one of the only Asian-inspired fast casual restaurants out there. It could be because more-authentic Chinese take-out can be had for about the same price or cheaper. In any case, Wok to Walk is here for your cravings. To get you over to try their noodles, you can get $2 off your first custom stir-fried meal when you download the Wok to Walk App using this referral link.

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The company is shockingly big with international reach. They have dozens of locations; many of them in Europe. In addition to the United States, you can find Wok to Walk in faraway countries like Bulgaria, India, Estonia, Morocco, Lithuania, Ecuador, and Saudi Arabia — not as shocking, no franchises are listed in Asia.