Via Promo Code for $10 Free Ride Credit

With no surge pricing, your fare is always low with Via ride share service. Via is the cheap and simple way to get around. The small company wants their technology to cover the gap between public trasit and private cars. Download the app on Android or iPhone then plug in promo code STUART3A7 to get $10 in free Via credit added to your account.

Promo Code Promo Status
stuart3a7 $10 Free Credit Active
Referral Link $10 Free Credit Active
NONE $2.95 per ride for 10 rides Expired

Still growing, you may have seen Via’s promo codes in the subway or their promotions plastered on taxis (weird). In August 2017, the company also ran a very popular targeted email promotion which gave Via users in Manhattan 10 rides at a flat rate of $2.95 per ride!

VIA referral code

I’ve been using Via lately and it works fantastically if you’re not in the rush. I like to use the service when I have some time and need to do work on my phone or just chill out. It’s great that you can almost always count on Via’s fares being affordable. It’s definitely the most-reliable in terms of a cost-effective way to get door-to-door. The company has a great referral program for first time users. If you don’t have a Via account, you can register for an account by downloading their App. You can use our referral code stuart3a7 to receive get $10 of ride credit and we’ll get $10 in return for referring.

How to use Via

Like their competitors, you access Via from your phone by requesting a ride. You’ll very likely be sharing the ride with other passengers going your way.

• Book a ride on your phone
• Get picked up on a nearby corner
• Share your ride with others
• Save cash and reduce carbon emissions

About VIA: Only available in New York City, Washington D.C., and Chicago as of this post, Via’s rideshare philosophy is different than Lyfts or Ubers. Yes, they’re all on-demand, ride-sharing services, but Via keeps the cost low by picking up several passengers going in the same direction much like Lyft Line and Uber Pool. It may take longer than those other rideshares, but for near door-to-door service, it’s worth the little more you would pay for the subway or bus (without having to walk and wait in the extreme weather) and usually cheaper than Lyft Line.