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Todaytix is a Broadway (and off-broadway) ticket selling service that sells discounted tickets for shows day-of and up to 30 days in advance. TodayTix is currently available in the following Theater Metros: NYC, London, Chicago, SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, DC, Boston, Connecticut, Philly, and Seattle.

Skip the lines and forget waiting outside in the hot or cold to buy your discounted tickets. Todaytix is a modern effort to streamline and modernize the Theater-going industry (and to get in front of a younger generation).

Whether you’re looking for same-day tickets, or are planning your trip up to 30 days in advance, Todaytix has you covered for some pretty great, discounted options. Granted, if you want too long, there might not be tickets available for a specific show you’re hoping to see, so be sure to check as soon as you can. Todaytix is a great source to buy tickets if you are flexible with seating and the shows you’re willing to watch. Skip waiting outside to buy tickets. Todaytix is a great solution for smartphone users.

Promo Code: Receive $10 off your first purchase when you use a Promo Code. When you refer a friend to join, you and your friend each receive a $10 credit. Don’t have friends? Use this code to get your discount: XXJFX
Founded: 2013
Available for Android and iOS