Pressed Juicery Promo Codes and Discounts

pressed juicery promo code

As it stands, Pressed Juicery doesn’t have active promo codes. They’ve worked with GroupOn previously, but those deals have since expired. Surprisingly, the juice company doesn’t yet have a mobile app that users can pay with or earn rewards on.

Pressed Juicery Rewards Program

The good news is Pressed Juicery does have a loyalty program, but currently, the way to earn, accumulate and check on your points is through a physical store (I guess you could call too). To add rewards to your account, be sure to let the cashier know you are in their rewards program by giving them your phone number. It’s a huge shock that a company this HUGE (nearly 100 locations) doesn’t yet offer a mobile app or have an advanced loyalty program.

Pressed Juicery Promotions

The company does run periodic promotions. The current one (as of November 2017) is a 10% discount if you sign up for their newsletter on their website. Providing your email address will give you a one time coupon code. Additionally, once your on their list you can hear about future promotions.

You can see the pop-up we received below: