Mixt Promo Code for $10 off

Mixt is the one of the original fast salad companies in San Francisco. Like sweetgreen, Chop’t, Tender Greens, and others, Mixt offers customizable salads (and grain bowls) using fresh, locally-sourced toppings and ingredient. Mixt’s signature salads are pretty healthy from a calories perspective with the vast majority of them have fewer than 560 calories such as their Beetnik salad, Cowboy and Mix Caesar.

And like those other fast-casual salad joints, it can get expensive if you’re not paying attention and adding chicken, avocado, and shaved Parmesan to your dish. Get ready to pay $15-16 at the register.

The good news is that there are easy savings to be had if you put some effort into it. You can save $10 pretty easily because when you download Mixt using this referral code: you can get $10 off your next bowl at Mixt. Yes, that easy. And $10 is pretty much 75-80% off your salad depending on what you’re ordering.