Melt Shop Promo Code for $2 off Sandwiches

melt shop discount

I’ll be honest, I disregarded The Melt Shop‘s concept when I first heard about the restaurant, but they proved me wrong with just one visit. The company aims to “make the best damn sandwich on the planet” and though I don’t know if I’d go that far, their creative takes on the humble grilled cheese, chicken sandwiches and tater tots are not only intriguing, but full of flavor. Their next level sandwiches are made from scratch with the best artisanal ingredients and they obviously bake the bread fresh they use every day, and don’t forget about the cheese — it’s called the Melt Shop because of it — they consider it the best cheese around. Learn more about the Melt Shop here.

Based on the grilled cheese and sandwich concept, Melt Shop has been around a few years now and has expanded to approximately ten locations in New York, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. Are you a bit pessimistic like I was? Here’s an incentive to try out The Melt Shop for the first time. Download their app using this promo code link, and you’ll get to try anything on their menu for $2 off.