Hale and Hearty Discount

Hale and Hearty is a Soup, Salad, and Sandwich joint that offers delicious lunch and dinner options as well as corporate catering options for events.

With a set up similar to Chipotle, you can mix and match your meal accordingly. Hale and Hearty is a great alternative to Dig Inn, Sweetgreen, and Chipotle.

About Hale and Hearty Soups
Opened – 1995
Located in New York City, Long Island, and Boston

Discount: You get a free $2 credit when you first download their App. With each friend you refer, you and your friend both receive an additional $2 credit. For every $50 you spend through the app, you receive $5 in free credit.

Hale and Hearty soups are all sourced with local ingredients and made fresh daily in Brooklyn, New York.

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