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With locations in New York City and Boston, Dig Inn serves seasonal vegetable-focused American food that is sourced from local farmers and partners.

With chicken and pork, mac and cheese, salads and beans, we’ve often referred Dig Inn as a more modern, elevated and flavorful version of Boston Market. Not sure if the founders would consider that a compliment, but that’s the quickest way to explain their offerings.

The dishes, which come with a protein and two sides, can cost upwards of $10-12, so why not save some money on your lunches and dinners? If you’re a new user to the Dig Inn App then use this referral link to save $5 the next time you eat at Dig Inn! The “seasonal market loves their healthy salads and grain bowls.

About Dig Inn

Website: Dig Inn
Opened: 2011
$5 Off: Promo Code
Locations (2017): 19

Started by Adam Eskin, Dig Inn is growing on the backs of the popular trends around healthy, filling salads and grain bowls.

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